Fleet Control



Topcon Tierra is a powerful web application that enhances your control and visibility of your vehicles or machines in your construction site with a set of specific reports about their status, maintenance and remote diagnostics, in real time.

Topcon Tierra system has application in technical companies with a fleet of machines or vehicles, in agricultural cooperatives,  in logistics companies, in shipping, in car rental business, in governmental departments and municipalities etc. 

Some of the main system's features are:

  • Access to internal vehicle's information (fuel consumption, engine operating hours etc) connected via CANbus quick control of all machine's fuctions.
  • Advances communication between construction site and office (GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, WiFi, Satellite).
  • Analysis and management of information, sent form the construction site.
  • Real time data export capability with ΝΜΕΑ protocol.
  • Ability for media transfer (audio and image) from the construction site.
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