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Haldera Trading LTD is established in Nicosia,
on 1, Kleisovas Str.
Founded to serve the needs of Cyprus on fields of Syrveying,
Industry, construction etc.
Haldera Trading Ltd. operates in Cyprus and in the region of the Middle East.



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Haldera Trading Ltd.fields of activity are: Surveying instruments (SURVEY)...



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Haldera Trading Ltd is certified with ISO EN 9001:2015, continue to offer...



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Haldera Trading Ltd exploiting its expertise, representing large manufacturing firms and staffed with qualified ...



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We anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customers by providing high quality products and services with...



Get ready for GPS Week Number Rollover (WNRO)

GPS Week Number Rollover – WNRO

Introducing the most advanced synergy of surveying instruments on planet Earth

Haldera Trading Ltd and Topcon have the honor to announce the arrival of the most advanced and revolutionary product suite: THE ELITE SURVEY SUITE. 3 extremely advanced machines combined with a powerful software to offer professionals the ultimate and comprehensive topographical mix.


TOPCON’s ELITE SURVEY SUITE includes the new GT series Robotic Total Stations, the hybrid GNSS Receiver HiPer HR, the field computer FC-5000 and the MAGNET ® 4.0 software. In a nutshell Topcon offers you the most advanced and powerful topographic products on planet Earth in an integrated system.


All the individual products of the Elite Survey Suite are designed from the ground up to work seamlessly and to perform at their maximum. The best software, the first of its kind in our industry, the fastest robotic total sation in the world, the smallest and lightest GNSS Receiver on the market, and a field super-computer compose the masterpiece called ELITE SURVEY SUITE.

Ready to Work faster and more easily?

Each element of the Elite Suite is a powerful productivity tool.
The real boost comes when they work together. Users can expect a
marked increase in points per day. You'll spend less time moving data
from field to office and from application to application. Common software
operations are streamlined and better supported by the integration of the instruments.
Critically, in marginal conditions the Elite Suite solution will deliver performance
beyond the range of the competition.
Let's go!

Our Services

In Haldera we are beside you, before, during and after the sale. Our expert technicians are at your disposal for any questions or suggestion.


With the delivery of the products we perform a full operational demo of the instrument. The training program includes...
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HALDERA TRADING LTD stands by the side of the engineer for more than five years by providing high-performance solutions and ...
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Support Packs

Total Care Support Program is a maintenance program specially designed for you, to provide the highest level of support and service...
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The service Department of our company is the most credible and professional in Cyprus. Certified for the last 5 years....
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At Haldera Trading LTD you will find integrated solutions for all sectors of modern industry.

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